Mercedes Sprinter (Black)

Mercedes revolutionized the big van segment when it introduced the Sprinter to our shores more than a decade ago. Mercedes provides a luxury van with the legendary reliability of the brand, comfort and ultra large cargo space. We can accommodate 14 passengers in these vehicles in the summer and they are the vehicle of choice for a sight-seeing trip. In the winter, we take the seating capacity down to 11 passengers and their larger ski vacation luggage.

Ford Expedition 2015 (Black)

The full-size body-on-frame Ford Expedition SUV is the perfect luxury vehicle to get you and your family to the resorts. With a more powerful and more fuel efficient 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, it will get through any road conditions while reducing its impact on our air quality. It has seating capacity for 7 passengers but we can only accommodate 5 guests and their ski luggage in the winter. For larger parties, consider our private van options.

Ford Transit XL High Roof (White)

The Transit is Ford’s replacement vehicle for its famous Econoline. The Transit line has been seen on the roads in Europe, Asia and Africa for decades and has proven its reliability and convenience. We use the longest and highest version of the line and riders love the middle aisle and seating configuration. In the winter, we will accommodate 10 passengers and their ski luggage and in the summer, we can make them suitable for 14 passengers.

Ford Econoline 4X4 (White)

Although it was last produced for the 2014 model year, the Ford Econoline (E-Series) Wagon, the passenger carrying version of this stalwart van has been an industry leader in van transportation for the last 3 decades. The long passenger van was our vehicle of choice for custom 4×4 conversions and we still have several in our fleet to take you up the canyons on snow days (our roads are often restricted to 4-wheel-drive vehicles only). We’ll take up to 11 passengers with ski luggage in the winter and 14 passenger in the summer.