Our fleet consists of meticulously-maintained machines designed to maximize your comfort & safety throughout every mile

Ford Transit XL High Roof

The 15-passenger dual-rear wheel drive extended Transits offer the luggage capacity and the traction required on the canyon roads.

Riders will appreciate the high roof and the middle aisle to easily access all seating.

Ford Transit Mid Roof AWD

This shorter and lower version of the Transit has a similar seating configuration as the larger models and are very reliable. In the winter, we will accommodate 10 passengers and their ski luggage and in the summer, we can make them suitable for 15 passengers.

Its AWD capabilities are a must for the conditions we operate in.

Ford Expedition XLT

The full-size body-on-frame Ford Expedition SUV is the perfect luxury vehicle to get you and your family to the resorts in any road conditions. It has seating capacity for 7 passengers but we can only accommodate 4 guests and their ski luggage in the winter. For larger parties, consider our private van options.

Toyota Sienna

The Sienna is a dependable, comfortable and roomy minivan that we use for smaller parties and shared-rides when available.